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Amazon Favorites for a DIY Blush Bridal Shower

Amazon Store Link :

If you are looking for an easy DIY Tablescape for your Bridal shower this list is for you ! I'm not really a fan of long blog posts that don't get to the point so here is the basic layout :

Table cloths :

This is ideal for a long table. If you have a long table or a folding table you can purchase a white table cloth first to lay down then place the blush table runner.

Blush Table Runner link :

White Table Cloth link :

Bud Vase Floral:

Place 6-8 bud vases down the center of the table. I prefer to bunch up the flowers in single colors. For example one vase with all white blooms and another with just blush blooms. Remove the greenery for a more realistic look and be sure to place flowers at different heights for each vase. You will also need floral wire stem cutters.

Bud Vase link:

Blush Roses :

White Roses:

White Ranunculus:

Blush Ranunculus:

Floral Wire Cutter link :

Candle set up :

Place the candles in clusters of 2 or 3 down the table.

Battery operated taper link :

Candle holder link :

All Links are commissioned links



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