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Unique Dusty Blue Fall Wedding Inspiration

If I had to choose my favorite time to create weddings it would definitely be in the Fall. The foliage and flowers are so rich in fall colors and unique textures.

2024 and 2025 wedding trends are adding a unique twist to the typical fall wedding colors such as adding bright yellow or even dusty blue.

I recently created a inspiration board that paired Dusty Blue with pops of Cranberry Red and Pomegranate Red .

I suggested a tablescape filled with clear bud vases that had pops of pomegranate vines, cranberry vines, dried straw flower, red ranunculus and pop of rich red maple leaves . Adding in pomegranates down the center with pops of figs for a fall touch.

I would also suggest adding in a few Ivory tall taper candles of your choice with a gold taper holder . If you are using faux flowers definitely used a battery operated taper candle.

In addition I added wicker baskets to the inspiration board with the suggestion of filling them with tall pomegranate and apple vines and adding them as accents to a seating chart, the ceremony entry or the even at the end of a long table on the ground.

The bud vases & baskets can be created ahead of time by using faux floral to make it an easy way DIY Tablescape.

You can find a link to the each product here :

Mini pomegranate vines

Large Apple stems for baskets

Large Pomegranate stems for baskets

Red ranunculus stems (Faux)

Maple Leave stems

Dried Filler flowers

Bud Vases

Blue votive holders

Wicker Baskets

Table Numbers

Dusty Blue Table runner

Dusty Blue Bridesmaid dress

Dusty Blue Tie

Dusty Blue Vows

All links are commisioned links



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